Running clinic

Our running injury clinic can help

Why us?

As keen runners and experienced Physiotherapists we are proud to have developed a specialist clinic to help runners recover quickly from injuries or preferably avoid them altogether.

We have state of the art biomechanics equipment and a wealth of experience and knowledge in assessing and managing sports injuries, in particular running injuries.

Our running clinic staff have:

We offer:
1. Individual assessment of your biomechanics
  • A 40 minute in depth assessment of your biomechanics including …
    • Initial interview to understand your injury history, running demands and goals
    • Whole body video analysis of your running technique
    • In depth assessment of muscles and joints
  • A 20 min discussion to feedback key findings from the assessment
  • A written summary and analysis of your running technique
  • A personalised exercise programme to meet your individual needs and goals

2. Running injury assessment and treatment
  • Diagnosis of running injuries
  • Management of your injury to aid optimal return to running
  • A wide range of treatments including, soft tissue release, acupuncture, taping, insole provision aimed at keeping you running and meeting your goals